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Family Reunion

  • 1. Long stay application form duly filled in and signed
  • 2. Signed Passport with a validity of at least 16 months and copy of first two pages of the passport
  • 3. Two (02) passport size photographs (Front shot, no head coverings, with white background)
  • 4. Original Nulla Osta and Visa Fee (Relatives of European Union Citizens neither require Nulla Osta nor visa fee)
  • 5. Copy of valid Residence Permit in Italy (Permesso di Soggiorno) of the inviting person
  • 6. English CNIC issued by NADRA
  • 7. A set of copies attested by MOFA of all documents issued by union council or NADRA


  • 8. Birth Certificate of Inviting Son / Daughter
  • 9. Marriage Registration Certificate of Parents
  • 10. Family Registration Certificate
  • 11. Dependency Affidavit in Urdu along with translation by the applicants on Legal Paper duly attested by Notary Public stating that "applicants are solely and fully dependent on the inviting person for all their living expenses and medical needs, whether in Pakistan or in Italy, and they do not have any other source of income e.g. no pension, no agriable land, no rental property etc.
  • 12. The inviting person must also submit proof of support e.g. the form of funds transferred (bank transfer, money orders, western union etc.). When parent have more than 1 child i.e. the inviting person has one or more brother/sister, each of them must state in a Notarized Affidavit that they are unable to support their parents.


  • 13. Marriage Registration Certificate
  • 14. Family Registration Certificate


  • 15. Certified copy of Parent’s Marriage Certificate
  • 16. Birth Certificate of the child including the name of mother as well (Please note that the applicant might be required to supply additional proof of parenthood including and not limited to DNA and Bone Density Testing)
  • 17. Certificate of children under 18 years of age (CRC)
  • 18. Family Registration Certificate
  • 19. In case child is not accompanied by mother or other parent whatever is the case, notarized No Objection Affidavit on stamp paper in Urdu along with translation must be attached
  • 20. In case mother or other parent of the child is already resident of Italy, must provide the copy his/her Residence Permit in Italy (Permesso di Soggiorno) and certificate of residence from concerned commune in Italy


The Relatives of European union citizens have to provide following additional documents along with the other mentioned above according to their relationship with the inviting person.

  • 21. Declaration of hospitality duly filled and signed by inviting person
  • 22. Copy of EU passport of inviting person
  • 23. Certificate of Residence of inviting person from concerned comune (municipality) in Italy
  • 24. All the documents issued by NADRA should be legalized