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Work Visa

  • 1. Application form completely filled (also mentioning mother name) and duly signed by the applicant.
  • 2. An ordinary Passport or other recognized travel document valid for at least 03 months from the expiry date of the visa applied for. This document must have at least two empty pages.
  • 3. All previous Passport (s), if any, are to be attached; in case of lost passport (s), the Police Report in original for the same is to be attached.
  • 4. Two Passport size recent Photographs (un-edited/without Photoshop/no computer print-outs) with White Back Ground.
  • 5. Original NULA OSTA and one copy.
  • 6. Recent "Visura Camerale" (Business Profile) of the inviting Italian Company issued by the relevant Camera di Commercio lndustria (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
  • 7. Copy of "Richiesta di nulla osta" (request form for NOC) made by the employer to the "Sportello Unico per I'lmmigrazione Competente" for the approval of job for the applicant
  • 8. Personal detail of the focal/contact person in ltaly (copy of passport with visa/ permesso di soggiorno/ carta d'identita/ telephone number etc.)
  • 9. Copy of the last Academic Degree/Certificate of the applicant.
  • 10. Colored Copy of Valid CNlC and Passport (s).
  • 11. Original and copy of NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) mentioning parents and all siblings and in case of being married FRC with wife and children should also be attached.
  • 12. If previously refused by an Embassy or High Commission, the applicant must submit written explanation about reason for applying visa and copy of the Refusal Letter.
  • 13. Original and copy of POLIO Vaccination from any Government Hospital.
  • 14. Visa Fee according to less than or more than 90 days of the contract period.